Free Gamers United [FGU] - memberlist, ranks and medals

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Free Gamers United [FGU] - memberlist, ranks and medals

Post by Idulus on Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:44 pm


~ Idulus, founder, leader and old-school-player
~ James Cena, grand marshal, co-leader
~ NewDyno, grand marshal, co-leader
~ Michael Pontifex, spectre, co-leader
~ Kikk, grand marshal
~ Alliet, grand marshal
~ Hashy, grand marshal, officer
~ Bolbolita, spectre
~ Knoxxus, spectre, former co-leader, officer
~ Adell, spectre, advisor
~ Bravo Mike, spectre
~ Ankush, spectre
~ Niksa, spectre, officer
~ BBora, spectre
~ Ravenant2, spectre
~ Imbetterthanmoe, legendary assassin , former advisor, former co-leader
~ Esudesu, legendary assassin
~ Svetlaka, legendary assassin
~ BeaGanZi, legendary assassin
~ Arvid905, legendary assassin
~ Neonshit, legendary assassin
~ Ayden610, legendary assassin
~ GurjotTheGuardTheif, legendary assassin
~ Skomarsk, legendary assassin
~ Fabelwesen, supreme general
~ Melix9, supreme general
~ Samovest, supreme general
~ Sir HaloWeen, supreme general, officer
~ 2RBlueBerry, supreme general
~ Senpai, supreme general, officer
~ kristofferandrei09, supreme general
~ Wingrap7, supreme general
~ Scrubduggery, captain
~ Sushu1ismyname1, captain
~ Natural Selection, assassin overlord
~ El1m1nator1, assassin overlord
~ idoking12, assassin overlord
~ AlexTheGr8, assassin overlord
~ DatDerpyGamer, assassin overlord
~ Percyj743, commander
~ JerryDaMouse, master assassin
~ LittleBug, master assassin
~ L.Rochika, master assassin
~ JebBoO, master assassin
~ Hephaestu5, elite marshal
~ Balistic Bitmap, elite marshal
~ Basilisk, elite marshal
~ _Quack, assassin warrior
~ Owl, assassin warrior
~ Qualcuno a caso, elite general
~ HumanKirby, elite general
~ khai1bui, elite ultra
~ thedeadghost, elite ultra
~ El Cabron, elite ultra
~ Ayushezio27, assassin soldier
~ Psychodic/Borneo, assassin soldier
~ Titan-Hook, assassin apprentice
~ Nugget, assassin apprentice
~ ShakerOfficial, assassin apprentice
~ iFluffySheep, elite major
~ stacard, elite major
~ thebreegs, elite minor
~ xKeita, elite minor
~ 3xotiC, assassin novice
~ XinXin143, assassin novice
~ JustDani, assassin novice
~ RedPanda, assassin novice
~ Cloud, assassin novice
~ Bob, the real Bob


~ Applecake, commander, advisor, former co-leader
~ Flinn, captain
~ TimeWarp, assassin veteran
~ Ravioli, elite marshal
~ Tony Stark, assassin veteran
~ MrGeorge, elite marshal
~ Goveja Zupa, elite general
~ ProCrumpets14, assassin warrior
~ Pussieman, assassin apprentice
~ Joao, elite ultra
~ Katherine_LionHearted, assassin soldier
~ Nightrider7, assassin soldier
~ commando, assassin novice
~ WeeklyDose, assassin soldier
~ Quietness, assassin novice
~ Hero_GTO, assassin warrior


~ Banana Warriors (BW)
~ PrOGATeers


~Hey ~Idulus ~Pingiz ~Miguflipis ~MrGeorge ~BBora ~James ~Goveja Zupa ~commando ~applecake ~Katherine_LionHearted ~Rubick ~Arboricopom ~Kajukazz

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~ Joao  ~Scorus ~MrGeorge ~ Applecake ~ Goveja Zupa ~ Eldershadow ~ Kiwibird  ~ Idulus ~ IanCJB ~ DJ Var ~ Officermorgan ~ Knoxxus ~ TimeWarp

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~Goveja Zupa ~Idulus ~James ~Ankush ~BBora ~Yuula ~Moe

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~James ~Applecake ~BBora ~Knoxxus

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Assassin Novice
Assassin Apprentice
Assassin Soldier
Assassin Warrior
Assassin Veteran
Master Assassin
Assassin Overlord
Legendary Assassin

Elite Minor
Elite Major
Elite Ultra
Elite General
Elite Marshal
Supreme General
Grand Marshal

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