Free Gamers United [FGU] - rules

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Free Gamers United [FGU] - rules

Post by Idulus on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:47 pm

Free Gamers United (FGU)

I'm now founding this Clan - FGU

1.The Free Gamers United are a fair guild -> we demand fairplay and sportsmanship from our members (means no cheating, no spawncamping, no trolling, no teamkilling, etc.)
2. The FGU is a free guild, the leader is the organizer, every new player needs his ok, because he has to check, whether the player is a fair player or not.
The guild is lead like a constitutional monarchie.
3. We are democratic and make votings about new rules and important changes concerning the guild.
4. Every fair gamer is welcome, if he is active.
5. We also take beginners and bad players, if they follow the rules and try to help the guild community.
6. Everybody is allowed to organize guild meetings at a server.
7. We never bully people from outside the guild, but we don't tell them our secrets either.
8. If there are peoples from different countries, we speak english. If you are only people from the same country with the same language, you can speak your language
9. We are not racist and we never start "This country only"-servers
10. We treat every player with respect.
11. We accept peoples from outside the guild on our servers, if they follow our rules (means they dont troll/cheat/spawncamp/teamkill)
12. You are not allowed to be part of any other OGAT clan/community/guild/group/whatever they call themselves. Exceptions are the official OGAT Discord server (made by the devs) and our ally clans, who are listed below the memberlist and also in #welcome
12.5. When you read this rule, please contact your recruiter and tell him "Droggelbecher". He will know. This rule doesn't have any actual consequences on the guild.
13. You have to join the official guildmeetings or inform a leader, that you can't attend them, before they take place.
14. Have fun. Never forget, that it is all fun and games.

ESO specific rules:

1. You can only reach the Veteran rank, if you are not part of any other social, PvE and RP guilds. Reason is, that the Veterans are able to access all important functions of the guild (taking from the bank, inviting new members e.g.) and therefore need to be trusted members, who have proven their loyality towards the guild. Also Veterans need to be at least Assassin Veteran/Elite Marshal or higher.
2. Someone who joins us and wants to stay in his current social, PvE and RP guilds is free to do so, but he won't be able to get the Veteran rank or a higher rank than Assassin Veteran/Elite Marshal in the Discord server and therefore not have access to some guild features. (private discussion channels, taking from the guild bank)
3. Current FGU members, who start the game from new are expected to not join any other social, PvE and RP guilds due to their loyality to our guild. In exchange they will be able to already get the Veteran rank at Assassin Warrior/Elite General.

We do an unofficial guildmeeting each Saturday at 5pm GMT+0. It is meant to be a time when the members can meet and play together. One is not forced to visit these meetings, but I would like to see you there! =)

If you want to join the guild, write in the new thread or contact me on Discord (Idulus#2479). I made a memberlist.

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