Free Gamers United [FGU] - rules

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Free Gamers United [FGU] - rules

Post by Idulus on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:47 pm

Free Gamers United (FGU)

I'm now founding this Clan - FGU

1.The Free Gamers United are a fair clan -> no cheating, no spawncamping, no trolling, no teamkilling
2. The FGU is a free clan, the leader is the organizer, every new player needs his ok, because he has to check, wether the player is a fair player.
3. We are democratic and make votings about new rules, the leader is elected.
4. Every fair gamer is welcome, if he is active.
5. We also take beginners and bad players, if they follow the rules and try to help the clan community.
6. Everybody is allowed to organize Clan meetings at a server.
7. We never bully people from another clan, but we dont tell them our secrets either.
8. If there are peoples from different countries, we speak english. If you are only italian or only german or only people from the same country with the same language, you can speak your language
9. We are not racistic -> we never start "This country only"-servers
10. If we start a clan-server, we write a FGU somewhere in the headline.
11. We accept peoples from other clans on our servers, if they dont troll/cheat/spawncamp/teamkill.
12. Our members arent allowed to be part of another clan than the FGU.
13. We treat every player with respect.
14. You have to join clanmeetings or cancel them before they happen.
15. Have fun.

If you want to join the clan write in the new thread. I made a memberlist.

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